We carry an extensive variety of organic and natural groceries, vitamins, body care, household products as well as a bountiful selection of fresh organic produce. We are dedicated to finding ethical and environmentally sound products.

Organic Produce: our produce is top quality, abundant, always fresh and local whenever possible
Vitamins and Herbal Supplements: our vitamin section is very extensive.
Avalon Organic Dairy: featuring milk in glass bottles, cheeses, butters, cottage cheese and sour cream.
Goat Milk Products: cheeses, milk and butter
Local Free Range chicken and eggs
B.C. Seafoods: line caught fresh frozen at sea tuna Loins, wild canned B.C. salmon, tuna and oysters, frozen at sea B.C. cod
Lactose Free: L'Ancetre Organic cheeses and butter.
La Boulange Bakery: organic locally baked, yeast free, low gluten breads
Organic Bulk Section: featuring organic flours, grains, legumes, beans, cereals and a wide variety of rice selections.
Oils: organic, culinary, cosmetic, therapeutic and nutritional
Nuts and Seeds: refrigerated varieties
Bulk Herbs: culinary and medicinal from around the world

Grocery Selection Also Featured:

Packaged Organic: cereals, crackers cookies, mixes
Organic Baby foods
Frozen entrees
Organic pastas, sauces and pesto
Gluten Free: pastas, cookies, breads, crackers, cereals and baking mixes
Organic Juices: wide varieties
Teas: both medicinal and traditional
Coffee: organic fair trade and locally roasted
Condiments: excellent variety including gluten and sugar free options
Dairy Free: milk and cheese substitutes
Healthy snacks and sodas
Chocolate: organic and fair trade
Cleaning Supplies: environmentally friendly non-toxic cleaning supplies
Unbleached Recycled Paper Products: including safe biodegradable baby diapers, baby wipes and feminine care
Candles: canadian made bees wax lead free candles
All natural cosmetics and body care
Cosmetic supplies: oils, powders, glass bottles and tinctures
Essential oils: high quality from around the world

Homeopthathic Medicine Extensive Selection:

Hylands Homeopathics

Sports Nutrition

Prairie Naturals
Protein Powders
Energy formulas.
Hydrate formulas , Electrolytes

Natural & Safe Beauty and Body careā€¦

Cruelty free cosmetics
Safe baby brands
Natural hair dyes and Hennas
Shampoos and conditioners
Essential Oils
Massage oils
Pain management creams and lotions